Jeg deltager i udstillingen:”Correspondance” med mit værk:“Looking for a Shaman”
Kurateret af: Thomas Brown, Guillaume Ferrand, Anaïs Khout, Justified Studio & The Photographers Gallery!

“...From collective uncertainty, to experiencing pre-Covid life vicariously through nature, weather or place; from protest and demonstration to themes of longing, waiting, nostalgia and fatigue, Room 12 brings to life over 50 personal perspectives from across the globe as the passage of the last 12 months has influenced our exchanges with others and created a spectrum of shared experience...”


“We wish thee also well aware of this:/
The atoms, as their own weight bears them down/
Plumb through the void, at scarce determined times,/
In scarce determined places, from their course/
Decline a little- call it, so to speak,/
Mere changed trend. For were it not their wont/
Thuswise to swerve, down would they fall, each one,/
Like drops of rain, through the unbottomed void;/
And then collisions ne’er could be nor blows/
Among the primal elements; and thus/
Nature would never have created aught./

On the Nature of Things.
Translated by William Ellery Leonard.
New York: E. P. Dutton, 1916